Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Final Dressage Competition for Adni Students

Well, it is almost year-end now and the internal Dressage Competition for Adni students is coming to a close, too. But, if there are students interested to participate in the November and December competition, then it is not the final. It all depends on whether these students would like to accumulate more marks to be the champion for 2013.
The following are photos taken around the competition. My young girl who participated in the competition came out fourth with 56.25 points. This is her best pre-birthday gift for herself. Since she is 'tired' of being photographed by her paparazzi mum, I really missed taking a picture of her with her winning ribbon. Still, the group photo showed her displaying her Green ribbon with pride.

Husna on Ethan. Unfortunately for Husna, Ethan is extremely unresponsive
causing Husna to lose a lot of points.

Sophia forgot her chaps. So she managed to get her sister's chaps to complete her attire.
Both her mum and Nurul's mum helped to put on the chaps for her.
Rule of thumb - Sophia should wear her chaps before sitting on the horse.

Puan Laili - the convenor, and Shila Kasim, the parent

Zahra' and Doe Doe. Two best friends since 2010.

Aaah! How refreshing after being in the hot sun. Zahra with Aliya, Sophia and

Group photo - Prepatory B and Prepatory C (Adni students) combined for this photo
shoot. Zahra' came out fourth and she is proudly holding her green ribbon.

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