Friday, February 24, 2012

Bird's eye view of KLCC from Suria using Point and Shoot Digital Camera.
My love affair with Photography began when I studied Geology at University Malaya. We went to Field Work very often and when I was in Year 3, it became mandatory for us to own a camera. My first camera was a Yashica - can't remember the model and it was my friend. A lot of time, photography at the time was on a trial and error method. There's no way telling whether the shots will turn out as expected or otherwise. Normally, in roll of negatives, probably one or two is considered the best shots, the rest so-so or worse, blurry or nothing.
The birth of Digital Camera changed the world of photography completely. We can view our shots almost immediately, we can recapture the image again or delete if we don't like it or we can manipulate the images using all the photo editors available. Life became easier and also cost friendly.
I am a self-taught photographer and there's a lot to learn. My sister is my best critic who guided me on how to take better shots.


  1. Stunning pic Lili.... love it. Is this KL Central... I think I have a photo by that water :D


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