Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Beautiful world - Signage

It's been three months since I viewed my blog and update my feed. I was totally out and my creativity was temporarily blocked. Since photography is the only way for me to be reconnected with the world, here I am. The best way to refresh is with photography.
At Beautiful World, the theme for Week 60 (wow! is that how long ago I was there?) is Signage. To all photographic enthusiasts, please visit this blog. You will not be disappointed.
On the Go is the latest eating venue by Traders Hotel. As the name suggests, we will stop by to buy our breakfast or lunch here and walk back to office or occasionally we will stop by and eat-in here. A very convenient stop center, as I will call it.
Here's my take for the Theme:
On The Go - the latest eating Venue by Traders Hotel.

By the way, I now have Instagram. Please feel free to view my photos over there. Find me at Lili_Sulastri. Thank you in advance.

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