Monday, April 30, 2012

Landing Pad

This layout was created for "April shape it up" Challenge by Tammy at Flying Unicorn. The rules are simple:
1) Think out side the box of your normal 12X12 square pages and add a little something different to your scrapping tool box of ideas! This month my challenge is all about shapes
2) Use at least 3 pattern papers
3) Add 3 Butterflies, 3 Doilies and 3 clusters of blooms for an extra chance to win the RAK.
I used 3 doillies - 1 yellow doily (from Pages-in-Time kit) and 2 white doillies. I decided to fold the white doilies to form a fan so as not to clutter my page so much.
This photo was taken at KL Bird Park after Zahra' completed her 2011 Cross Country Race which was located near the Bird park entrance. The Lorries here were allowed to 'roam' free and during feeding time, visitors are allowed to feed them. Since these lorries are no longer strangers to human, they feel comfortable landing on anyone's head, hands or shoulders. It was an experience not to be missed, but only after getting over the initial unsuspecting fear, that is. This is one of Muhammad's best shot of me.
Supplies: Pp - Creative Imaginations Circular Die-cut; Pretty in Pink; Kaiser /
Fowers - Prima, Momoyo / Delfino Brads / Paper Boutique Alphas and Sentiments /
BG Butterflies / Mark Richards Crystal Cluster and Doilies.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

#photoadayApril - 1 pm Day 28

The topic for the day is 1 pm. I am beginning to like to use these plants as my model to show the different times of the day. These are the only clusters of trees that I can view from my balcony. Just hope that no one will chop turn down. This was taken at 1 pm with the sun still shining brightly.

These same cluster of trees was taken on April 21 at 4 pm. The sun was still shining brightly and there are shadows beneath the trees.

NSD at Little Yellow Bicycle

Come and join the fun at Little Yellow Bicycle THIS LYB blog post.
We are so excited to spend National Scrapbook Day with you and want to invite all of our scrapbook friends, plus all of their scrapbook friends and all of their scrapbook friends to join the fun.
We have planned some fun events for our friends to play along with starting today. Please read the flyer below for the details and then see the fine print for our NSD Scrapbook Contest below... Please join us for our NSD Scrapbook Contest for which we will giveaway three prize packs valued at $150 and includes our yet to be released Splash Collection. You may begin preparing to enter the contest today and submit your entry on Saturday, May 5th to our Facebook Wall. Please read the description for each of our categories carefully, so you can make plans on how to get your hands on all of those Little Yellow Bicycle goodies.
Kickin' it Old School
We would love to see layout pages, cards, altered items or mini albums with ANY of our older collections from Baby Saurus/Tiny Princess and before. Please click HERE to see all of our collections on our website. Many of these collections can be purchased for pennies at our Little Yellow Bargains site, but we are willing to bet you have some in your stash. The example page is from our Fresh Print Traveler collection.
Spring Time Color Challenge
We challenge you to use this color range (blue, green, brown and cream) for layout pages, cards, altered items or mini albums with ANY of our collections. You can easily find these colors in many of our collections including our newest collections Paradise and Satrudays as well as the ones represented here: Vita Bella, Fresh Print Traveler, Lucky Me and Twig. However, you can use any of our collections that include these colors including our Deja Views collections found at Michaels.
Hot Off the Presses
We would love to see layout pages, cards, altered items or mini albums with our newest collection Hello Spring! This collection is hot off the presses and has only just arrived at your local scrapbook store. You can also find it at a few online stores, Two Peas in a Bucket, and A Cherry On Top.
We cannot wait to see your creations on Saturday, May 5th and you have all week to plan for them. Thank you also for sharing our events on your Facebook Wall and/or blog for a chance to win a prize pack. We can see if you shared our link on Facebook, but if you put our flyer on your blog, just come back here and copy the link to the post in the comments section and we will see it.
Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

#photoadayMAY at FatMumSlim

Another month, another challenge coming our way. At fatmumslim another month long challenge is coming up again for all photo enthusiasts. This is the real challenge actually. To be able to keep up. I had many fallout days in April. Following is the inspiration for the month of May, the rules and regulations and the Hashtag for the month. This was all taken from Chantelle's blog. Come and join me in the fun.

Are you ready for a month of photo-taking fun? I am and hope you are too! The hashtag for May is #photoadayMay. For those stumbling across this for the first time, this is a photo a day challenge. Each day you
look at the list and there will be a prompt that corresponds with the date of
the month. For example day one is peace, so for day one you'll take a photo of
something around the peace {a peace sign, something that's peaceful in your
life, you doing a peace sign with your hands etc}. You then share the photo on
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, Pinterest, Flickr or where ever you
want to share it. It's a fun way to be creative every day and it's so
much to be part of. Anyone can play {even if you haven't played
before}. Here's how to share your photo:INSTAGRAM: Upload your photo to Instagram, add a sweet
filter and put #photoadayMay in the caption so others can see
your photos {share to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr etc from Instagram if you like}
TWITTER: Upload your photo to Instagram, add some words
to describe it and use the hashtag #photoadayMay so others can see your
photosFACEBOOK: Create an album titled
something like, Photo a Day May, and make the album public, then upload your
photos. It's a good idea to upload the list too so you can refer to it and
others can see what you're doing. You can also share your photos on my Fat Mum Slim Facebook page.
{Unfortunately I don't think people can tag my page in their photos. Facebook is being glitchy}.PINTEREST: Upload your photos to a board, and use the hashtag #photoadayMay so that others can search for
them.BLOGS & TUMBLR: Upload your
photos to your blog or Tumblr and share with the world.FLICKR: Share your photos in the
Photo a day
.Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know where you'll be sharing your photos. Once you've uploaded your photos have a look around at everyone's pics. Leave comments, like them, share them and be part of
the community. Please feel free to share the list. It's for everyone to use. Just save it and share it.For those that would like some clarification, here's the list. They're open to however you want to interpret them:
1. peace {something peaceful, a peace sign etc}
2. skyline {where the sky meets land, can be buildings, the beach, forest, whatever!}
3. something you wore today {while you're wearing it or not}
4. fun! {something you do for fun - big or small}
5. bird {a bird in the sky, an ornament, a picture, a pet etc}
6. you {a self-portrait, a picture of a picture of you, your reflection in the mirror}
7. someone that inspires you {could be someone in real life, someone well-known}
8. a smell you adore {perfume, a food, flowers, anything!}
9. something you do everyday {share something from your daily routine}
10. a favourite word {a word that you love to say, write or read}
11. kitchen {can be a picture of your kitchen, something from a kitchen or a cafe kitchen etc}
12. something that makes you happy {a person, a thing, etc}
13. mum {a picture of your mum, the word mum, a mum, mother's day celebrations etc}
14. grass {the green stuff that grows on the ground etc}
15. love {something that represents love, something or someone you love}
16. what you're reading {a book, a newspaper, a blog, a sign, a note etc}
17. snack {something you're eating as a snack}18. something you made {food, craft, a child, anything!}
19. a favourite place {a place you love being in}
20. something you can't live without {something you'd rather not go without in your life}
21. where you stand {take a photo of where you're standing}
22. pink {something pink}
23. technology {something that uses technology}
24. something new {what's something new in your life?}
25. unusual {share something a little odd or weird}
26. 12 o'clock {take a photo at noon or midnight, whatever you're doing}
27. something sweet {a candy/lolly, a cake, a person, something cute ... anything!}
28. the weather today {is it sunny, rainy, cloudy today? Shoot it!}
29. a number 30. your personality {show us your personality in a photo, a word etc}
31. something beautiful {share something beautiful in your life}
I think I've covered everything, if not please ask questions below. And I'll see you for
photo a day May on May 1st!

My New Baby Cousin

Denise of flyingunicorn challenge is Baby Love for the month of April 2012.
My challenge this month is all about babies!! I love
babies..they are just so precious and such a gift..little bundles of joy they
are! So grab those baby pictures and get ready!Here are the
rules:1. Must be new as of April 1
2. Can be a LO, card or AP. Digital is ok too
3. Must have a picture of a baby on your project
4. Must have the word "Baby" on your project.
Here's my take on the Challenge. I didn't have time to go through my stack of photos to look for Zahra's baby photo. The only photo available at the time was of Zahra' having fun with baby Afza.
Supplies: Pp: Toga and Kaisercraft / Shabby Chic buttons from Spotlight / Flowers - Prima and handmade / Rhinestones / Kaiser Fozz felt / Total Care Alpha Stickers / Momoyo Lace Sticker

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warming Up - Lets Scrap sketch 4-11-12

It's really good to be back to the scrapping board after such a long leave. It takes a while to actually get into the rythm and I am happy to have accomplished a double layout. These photos were taken at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur on Jan 14, 2012. We've been to Lake Gardens a couple of times and I wonder how we could have missed this area. I really like the stone arch.
I am beginning to like to use Washi Tapes for my layouts and these are my new 'tools' in scrapbooking. Everytime I step into Isetan or Kinokuniya booksore, I'll definitely search for these tapes.

Supplies: Graphic pp: 45 Fairies and Creative imaginations / Kaiser rub-ons
 / MT Washi Tapes / Alpha Stickers and Embellies from my stash.

The layout was created using this sketch by Cheri O'Neill of Lets Scrap.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

#photoadayApril Day 7 - Shadow

When I told DD about the theme for the day, she helped me by doing a 'shadow play'. Using the neon lighting and the back of the chair as the screen, this is what we came up with. We were having dinner at one of the new open air outlets at Putrajaya. More or less, this was my first outing to Putrajaya at night.
I would like to thank Zahra' for her ingenious idea to shoot this theme.

@photoadayApril - Day 6 : Lunch

This was taken yesterday but I only managed to download the photo today. I was totally knocked out.
Ever since dh & I adopted the "Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper" motto, my eating lifestyle has somewhat changed. what am showing today should be breakfast menu but as it turned out, this was my lunch. Well, another reason for this simple lunch was painful throat. I just could not eat spicy food.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#photoadayApril Day 5 - Tiny

It was tough to find something tiny to photograph. I had been too busy at work and with the flu in the way, I didn't think much about photographing. When we went to dinner after office, these tiny green chillies took my fancy. These may be tiny, but these are piping hot. DH enjoy eating them raw.

#photoadayApril Day 4 - Someone who makes you happy

This was to be day 4 posting. Since I was not well, I am a day behind. Still can't help sharing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#photoadayApril, Day 3 - Mail

As it turned out, there was a letter for me in the pigeon hole. I wasn't sure who the sender was but the word Fashion caught my eye. Hmm....never knew I was in their mailing list.

Monday, April 2, 2012

#photoadayApril Day 2 - Colour

When it comes to colours, I still love to take what nature has to provide. For today's take, it is the colourful foliage near my in-laws' lawn.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Tunnel - Down Memory Lane

The highlight of our visit to Cameron Highlands on March 31, 2012, was a visit to Time Tunnel where more than 2000 artifacts are on display. The ticket for entry was RM5 for adult and RM3 for child. This museum is located at Kok Lim Strawberry Farm.
Most of the artifacts on display that were no longer in use today. Some of the items displayed evoked such strong emotions in me that I couldn't help shed some tears. For my daughter, these were such a discovery and she was really excited over each and every one of them. It was a learning experience for her. At least she learnt the kind of life her parents had compared to hers.

#photoadayApril - Your Reflection

The 1st day photo for April challenge at fatmumslim is "Your Reflection". This photo was taken using the mirror to reflect my image. Location: Room 414, Jasmine Hotel, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang.
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