Monday, May 12, 2014

Upgrade Quality of Life Part 1

This is the first my Upgrade Quality of Life series.

For days on end my DH has been talking about upgrading the quality of life. I don't know what action he is going to take. Rather than argue or say anything, I decided to take a cold hard look at my Financial situation first. All I can say is, it sucks.
With great determination, I made a concrete decision to close all my Credit card accounts, except one because it is tied to the Insurance payment. Without any doubt, I went to the respective banks and paid up all that was due to them. I walked out a Free person and after 2 months, it feels so great not to receive calls from banks to remind me to make payments. Unfortunately, I still receive calls from unexpected bank representatives trying to sell me their ideas on the goodness of having personal loans as well as having credit cards. It's absolutely wonderful to be free of debts. Needless to say, I am going to work around my housing loans. Hmm.....
At least for now, I can smile broadly and at the same time I can buy Miss Z some pretty clothes and hopefully put aside that extra money for travelling. Shall I say, Japan, here I come!
I decided to create an art journal and this is the first in the series. I must admit, I am a hoarder. The base for this journal started it's life as a hanging office file. My college wanted to throw away the whole lot. These files are still new and I decided to recycle them. After cutting them all up to size and file then in a recycled hard cover file, I conveniently put them aside. That was three years ago. Finally, it gets to be used.
Art Journal
Supplies - recycled hanging file
Dry Wall Tape
Acrylic paints
White Gesso
Bazzil cardstock
Paper Boutique sentiment
Micia Stamps
Micia Inks
Scraps of papers
Sharpie pen

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