Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selection Time - Colourful Creations Challenge

Today is the 2nd day of the fasting month. At least today is less tiring compared to yesterday.
This layout was created for DT Andrew of Colourful Creations under "Word Challenge". THE WORD FOR JULY IS TIME This is a combination challenge and for this month I will give you two extra items. As well as the word I would like to see some : LAYERING AND LACE.
These photos were taken last year when Zahra' was selected to participate in the Gymkhana competition in conjunction with the International Polo Meet at the Royal Selangor Polo Club. This was a tense moment for the Adni students under the tutelage of Ali because only 6 students will be selected to represent Adni School. These students will combine with Ali's other students from other schools. It was also a tense moment for me because I was hoping Zahra' will be selected. It will be a big moment for her after weeks of practicing Horseback Riding. I was elated when she was selected.
Her team emerge as runner-up for the competition.
Supplies: Pp : Treasureyourmemories / Coredinations Cardstock / Delfino Brads / Kaisercraft Tag and Sentiment / Paper Boutique Alpha and Sticker / Sunlit Border Punch / Self-adhesive lace / Doily.
I used the Paper Boutique stickers that came with the Kit. I decided to stick the stickers onto a strip of pattern paper from my stash and adhere the title to the layout using double-sided foam adhesive.
I love the sentiment from the Kaisercraft collection and these are really appropriate for the occassion.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Who doesn't love anything PRIMA? I do. Many of us do. Ingvild Bolme is generous enough to do this giveaway.
What's her reason for this giveaway? She's celebrating her new blog design. Interested already? Well if you do, kindly visit her blog ingvildbolme for more details. Personally, I will be over the moon to be the recipient of these goodies. Definitely will help replenish my already dwindling supplies and also will enable me to decorate my upcoming pages with these lovelies. Definitely will make my Aidil Fitri celebration more memorable and joyous ad at the same time take away the pain of the celebration without my father for the first time in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Ingvild for her generosity and I am sure other readers share the same sentiment. What if I don't win? At least I have helped Ingvild spread her words and her generosity. Thank you. Thank you.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Me, Myself & I

It's good to be back at the 'creative board' once again. I decided to create something simple to kickstart my creativity after a 2-month long of gruelling work at the office. The challenge at Colourful Creations Blog Here allowed me to take my time in creating this layout. It's an extremely simple and very, very striaghtforward layout. I started this layout on July 2 and completed it on July 4th. Yes, I purposely took my time and I do like the process of creating without having to catch-up on datelines. I just want to enjoy creating something. That's all!

Quote from Andrew-DT of CC:
For the first challenge ( the month of july ) I have decided to give you a recipe challenge. In you layout please try to include these items :

1) one photo
2) some squares
3) At least two types of lettering or fonts
4) flowers

Supplies: Paper, embellishments, Stickers and Alphas for the title - all from the Paper Boutique Album Kit / Flowers - Prima. Momoyo, Kaiser and from Stash / Brads - Delfino / Rub-ons - Prima Tea and Silk Collection / Wooden Flower from Stash / Sunlit Border Punch / Buttons - Momoyo / Scraps of pp from DCWV. Creative8 .

This photo was taken by a friend during the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebration at the office.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colourful Creations Blog hop

For those of you who loves to participate in blog hop, here's another chance for you to join in the fun. Colourful Creations is hosting a blog hop from july 20th - 22nd.
See details Link.
Enjoy and have fun. Thank you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photoadayjuly at FatMumSlim

Yikes! It's July already and looking back, I have zero photos for June. I really had such a hectic May-June period that completely drained me at the end of the day. The new list is already up and I am looking forward to play again and catch-up those moments I missed. This is a great way to build up my photographic skills, creativity and attention to detail. The good part is I am learning to focus on capturing photos that will eventually become scrappable material.
Here's the list that I shamelessly copy from fatmumslim. For those who are interested, do join in the fun.

Here’s how to play:
1. Look at the list. What’s the prompt for the day? Let’s pretend it’s self portrait.
2. Take a photo of yourself, either in the mirror or some way else.
3. Upload your photo to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, Pinterest or where ever it is you want to share your photo. Use the hashtag #photoadayjuly so people can find your photos
4. Check out everyone else’s photos. Comment or like them!

Here’s a little more detail on the prompts, in case you need it:

1. Self portrait:
a photo of yourself that you’ve taken {get creative, take a photo of your reflection maybe?}
2. Busy: take a photo of something busy – the street, your to-do list, people shopping, just something that represents busy
3. Best part of your day: What’s the best part of your day? Your morning coffee? Seeing your kids or loved one? Going for a walk? Snap it and share it.
4. Fun: Shoot a picture of something fun or something you enjoy doing.
5. On the floor: Take a picture of something on the floor. Your feet, patterned tiles, toys, grass – what’s beneath your feet?
6. Chair: Take a photo of a chair you see in your travels or at home/work/school etc.
7. Garden: Take a photo of a garden, yours or someone elses!
8. Lunch: What’s for lunch today? Take a photo before you eat it!
9. Big: Take a photo of something big. Perhaps make it look bigger by getting down low and shooting it looking up?
10. Your favourite colour: What’s your fave colour right now? Take a photo of it.
11. Letter: Take a photo of a letter, perhaps one you get in the mail, one you wrote or even a letter from the alphabet {in a sign, or in a book or somewhere else!}
12. Texture: This is a toughy! Take a photo of something with texture; carpet, wood, a painting anything that has texture in it.
13. Open: Take a picture of an open sign, or something open; a door, a jar, anything that can be ‘open’!
14. Building: Take a photo of a building you see. It could be a big or small building.
15. Finger: Take a photo of a finger, yours, someone elses, a finger sign or even a toy finger or sorts.
16. Sign: Get creative! Find a sign {a street sign, someone doing sign language or even a sign of fate!}
17. Your addiction: What’s your guilty pleasure? What do you love? What are you addicted to? Share it!
18. Plate: Take a picture of of a plate, with or without food on it.
19. Animal/insect/pet: Take a photo of a little critter or a big critter today.
20. Eyes: Take a photo of eyes, on you, someone else, a pet or even a toy.
21. 9 o’clock: Take a photo of what ever you’re doing at 9am or 9pm. Your choice.
22. Upside down: Take a different look at the world. Take a photo upside-down or of something upside-down.
23. Mirror: Take a photo of a mirror, or or your reflection in the mirror.
24. A stranger: Be brave or sneaky. Take a photo of a perfect stranger.
25. Heart: Take a photo of a heart.
26. Sunshine: Shoot the sun! Easy!
27: On the road: Take a photo of something on the road; you driving, other cars, paint on the road or anything!
28. Cup: What’s your favourite cup to drink from? Or a trophy cup you won? Or a drink you had today. Shoot it and share it.
29. Last thing you bought: Was it something as exciting or toilet paper? Or something more extravagant? Share it!
30. Calm: Earlier in the month we shot busy, now let’s shoot something calm. What’s calm in your life today?
31. Toothbrush: Boring right? Make it interesting. Play with apps {if you’re using a smartphone} to make it more interesting. Have fun!

Another Lost Sunday - is it?

There goes my plan for the day. I had already prepared a list of things to do for today since Friday. I had even told my husband I am not going to accompany him for his course because I had set my mind for Sunday's rituals. I purposely omitted Saturday because I know it will be a gonner as I have more outside activities to deal with. To begin with, these were my things to do for Sunday:
1) Create 2 layouts. I really need to catch-up as I am so far behind with my layouts and as it is I know I am going to miss all the datelines. But there's one or two that I can still play along. Never got around to even lay out the materials.
2) I want to iron at least one pile of clothes away. Did get some done but the said pile has still not gone yet. Will continue to iron a bit more shortly and making sure the pile is gone for the day.
3) Clear all the things in one of the rooms for re-organization. Never got around to it either.
4) To sell the unwanted paper items and plastic items. At least this was completed. Thank you.
5) To re-organize Zahra's room. This was done in a big way. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be for Zahra'. The room will be used by Zahra's cousin, Aizat, for a week. At least I am grateful this plan did get off the ground and completed. Thank you.
This photo was taken facing the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre after making our rounds during the PC Fair. At the time Aizat was doing his practical and stayed with us, too.

6) To update my blog and play catch-up. Not according to plan actually; but then this will do. Thank you.
These are the 6 major things on my list to do that I painstakingly prepared on Friday. Okay, 50% completed. At least I achieved something. Thank you.
Why didn't it get off the ground? Simple. On Saturday night, my husband received a phone call from his brother saying that his son planned to stay over at our house. Aizat has completed his studying and secured a job with Ranhill. He is to stay for a week only since his rented place is not ready. Well something like that. With that info, I just had to prepare Zahra's room for Aizat and it was really spring cleaning in a big way. The beauty of it is I got to clean other rooms and downstairs as well. Also, I purged more things. Huh! What a relief. So, there is still the pot of gold waiting for me at the end of the rainbow.
Now I am taking a short break from spring-cleaning. My next task is to prepare dinner.

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