Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Lost Sunday - is it?

There goes my plan for the day. I had already prepared a list of things to do for today since Friday. I had even told my husband I am not going to accompany him for his course because I had set my mind for Sunday's rituals. I purposely omitted Saturday because I know it will be a gonner as I have more outside activities to deal with. To begin with, these were my things to do for Sunday:
1) Create 2 layouts. I really need to catch-up as I am so far behind with my layouts and as it is I know I am going to miss all the datelines. But there's one or two that I can still play along. Never got around to even lay out the materials.
2) I want to iron at least one pile of clothes away. Did get some done but the said pile has still not gone yet. Will continue to iron a bit more shortly and making sure the pile is gone for the day.
3) Clear all the things in one of the rooms for re-organization. Never got around to it either.
4) To sell the unwanted paper items and plastic items. At least this was completed. Thank you.
5) To re-organize Zahra's room. This was done in a big way. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be for Zahra'. The room will be used by Zahra's cousin, Aizat, for a week. At least I am grateful this plan did get off the ground and completed. Thank you.
This photo was taken facing the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre after making our rounds during the PC Fair. At the time Aizat was doing his practical and stayed with us, too.

6) To update my blog and play catch-up. Not according to plan actually; but then this will do. Thank you.
These are the 6 major things on my list to do that I painstakingly prepared on Friday. Okay, 50% completed. At least I achieved something. Thank you.
Why didn't it get off the ground? Simple. On Saturday night, my husband received a phone call from his brother saying that his son planned to stay over at our house. Aizat has completed his studying and secured a job with Ranhill. He is to stay for a week only since his rented place is not ready. Well something like that. With that info, I just had to prepare Zahra's room for Aizat and it was really spring cleaning in a big way. The beauty of it is I got to clean other rooms and downstairs as well. Also, I purged more things. Huh! What a relief. So, there is still the pot of gold waiting for me at the end of the rainbow.
Now I am taking a short break from spring-cleaning. My next task is to prepare dinner.


  1. You are a super mom, Lili! Hugs.

  2. Some beautiful layouts here! Thank you for your kind words on my blog :)


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