Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Beautiful World Photo challenge - Halloween

Truly fascinating subject for Our Beautiful World photo challenge. Only thing is my  family and I do not celebrate Halloween. Two weeks ago, we were at Great Eastern Mall where I had to pay my bill and then buy some groceries. At the lobby of the mall, there were booths selling Halloween items and at one corner there's a display of a 'abandoned' house and supposedly 'haunted'. I took a couple of photos of the 'scenery' and I know these photos truly fit the caption of the week. The only snag was I had to patiently wait for my turn because every one seem to want to take photos at the time. There's one family who really hog the entrance door and they really consumed the entire door for nearly an hour. By the time Zahra' got her turn, I had to do a rushed shoot because another family is waiting. Anyway, these are the best I could have.

Week 18 ~ Halloween

Hello there, although Halloween is on Thursday but this weekend is sort of the party weekend for it right, I saw a cat lady and a wicked witch at the store when we went out for dinner last night, and shops that sell costumes are jam packed, are you having a party at home too? Anyway, Milagros said we should all celebrate Halloween today, come join in the fun!

Here are some of the photos taken on that day:

Hope you enjoy the shots. Thank you for looking.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Don't Fret.....some things can just wait

Today was a Sunday I really look forward to. In my little head I had planned the things I want to do for the day. I was in the middle of taking out the laundry from the washing machine when hubby said, "Shall we go to KLCC park for a morning walk?" I decided not to protest since hubby had not been well, so this walk will do him good. I quickly ran upstairs to wake the child and get her to help me hang the clothes. I chose a few change of clothes and 'dump' them into the duffel bag. So, for the morning that was the only chore attended to.

After completing three-and-a-half laps, I decided to stop. Then I saw Zahra' sitting at one of the benches. Just like me, she has had enough. While waiting for her dad, we chatted a while and being the scrapbooker that I am, I whipped out my camera. Naturally, Zahra' groaned - not again. Fortunately, I managed to get 30 shots of her and I told her not to look into the camera for a change. I just wanted to try taking portraits from different angles.
As soon as her dad arrived, we proceeded to walk towards Suria KLCC to have our breakfast. On the way, hubby told me that Zahra' wanted us to watch "Insidious Chapter 2". I was mortified and started making noises. Off course, Zahra' wouldn't hear of it. In the end I gave in and just followed along.
While hubby bought the tickets, I took Zahra' to Skechers (first time for her) to show her the shoes on display. Since Zahra' has low tolerance on shoes, she ended up selecting five shoes for me to buy later for her.
At 11:40 am we walked to the cinema to take our seats. There were just a handful of people in the cinema and majority were ladies. I would have expected a lot of screams but most of the loud frightening voice came from my right. You guessed it. From my little darling, off course.
Overall, I would say the movie is not so overwhelmingly scary neither is it too bloody gory and with a few heart stopping moments thrown in for good measure. The connectivity of the stories from one scene to the next was very well done and I end up feeling satisfied watching it. Good watch, just don't expect too much. 
A couple of things I learnt:
1) Spent some quality time with my two dearest ones (at the expense of my scheduled housework and layout that is still staring at me to be completed) even if it is just a movie.
2) Applied one of the chapters from the book "Don't Sweat Over the Small Stuff ........" and that is forget about your housework when your child is pleading for your time to spend together. Just like what it was written, I really felt good. Hmm....when was the last time we watched a movie together?
3) From the movie - mothers must try not to be overbearing and/or controlling over their child. The child has a right to be who she or he wants to be; not what the mother wants her or him to be. A little control exercised is healthy but don't overdo it.
Since this is too good a post to pass, I decided to write instead and will work on my layout tomorrow. Anyway, I still managed to do a bit of  housework. Oh well...better than nothing.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

She LOVEs to Ride (Malaysia)

This post is for Our Beautiful World photo challenge. This is for Week 17 with the title on LOVE.

Love itself carries a wide range of definition and it is very difficult to just to narrow it to a very specific subject. As such, I decided to post a photo of my daughter who loves horses and to ride them. This was taken on June 16, 2013, during her 2nd Internal Dressage Competition. On this day, she was assigned to ride Pumpkin.

Location : Selangor Royal Polo Club
Occassion: 2nd (Internal) Dressage Competition
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