Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's a new month and another new beginning for the month. What can I say to all the months that had come and gone - Thank You for those good months and for all the events that had taken place either good or bad, happy or sad, ups and downs, smooth or stressed, solved problems or unsolved problems. We all had gone through them - either we make it or roughed it out and hope for a better month / months ahead of us. All I can say, I've managed to rough them all out and some require close scrutiny until I can get back on track. To all of these, I am grateful to still be alive and THANK YOU ALLAH.
So with the new month, it means a new #photoaday at fatmumslim. To all photo enthusiasts, do take out your camera and start clicking away. Oh! There's no prize attached. The best prizes are : (a) You improve your photographic skills and techniques; (b) You'll see things differently from you normally would; (c) You'll learn to be creative and think out of the box; and finally (d) You'll have the satisfaction of seeing your photos from a different perspective and if you're a scrapper, you'll have something extraordinary to scrap.
Below is the list of themes for the month of June 2012. HAPPY PHOTOGRAPHING!

Do visit here for further instructions. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Lili, just letting you know that I've sent a bit of a blog award your way this morning ... you can see it at this link...
    Cheers from Kel.


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