Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unusual Friendship

May Challenge by Denise of Flying Unicorn - You've Got A Friend.
Rule: Must be friendship based. Must have the word friend or friends on it. A pic of you and your friends, child and friends, clipart..etc..are accepted..but it must be about friendship.
For this challenge, I decided to create a layout of Zahra' and her best friend Ridha Lee. They started being friends since they were around 10 years of age but their friendship only blossomed when they were in Year 5. Now they are the best of friends.
This is the reason why I called this layout "Unusual Friendsip".
"Both Ridha Lee and Zahra' started their friendship around the age of 10 on rocky grounds. They were not in the same class but they were in the same Arabic tuition class. Both were headstrong and they will scream at one another at every opportunity. Ridha was loud but Zahra' was soft. Their screaming rage actually caused their teacher running to me for help. To solve the problem, their teacher sat them at two opposite corners of the class but that was not deterrant enough. We as parents decided not to take sides and let them solve their own problems. Eventually, they got to know one another and when they moved to Year 5, their friendship blossomed and took a turn for the better. Now they are best buddies and so close that they even share secrets with one another. They really have a strong friendsip base on trust."

Supplies: Pp - Farflung, Kaiser Love Notes / Flowers - Prima, Kaiser / Title - Momoyo Alpha Stickers / Rub-ons - Kaiser and Prima Tea and Silk collection / Delfino Brads / Moof embellie / Sunlit Corner Punches / Computer print-out for Journalling.


  1. O Lili. Such beautiful friendship they have. Ridha is so handsome too :)). I remembered you told me about this at lunch one day. And this is such a beautiful LO. Hugs.

  2. A happy ending story eh :) Pretty pp and the bling title is cool! The colors incorporate very well...nicely done sis!

  3. Gorgeous Layout and a gorgeous story too. This wasn't the boy she went all shy about when I was over visiting is it? LOL

  4. Great layout! Love the focus on the photo and you've captured a beautiful story as well.


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