Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Magic - Rhonda Byrne

This is one of my latest collection of Rhonda's book. The first time I saw this book was at Carrefour Alamanda, Putrajaya.  After flipping through a few pages, I asked hubby to buy the book for me. Well, I was completely devastated when hubby turned down my request. Returning the book back to the shelf, I told myself that I'll get the book at Kinokuniya on my payday.
The next day, I visited Kinokuniya to check the availability of the book. I was more than happy because the book was not only on the shelf, but it was also on 30% discount. That was more than I bargain for. So, on pay day, I bought the book at RM26.95 instead of RM38.50 plus a scrapbook item to qualify the discount. I really am grateful to my husband for turning down my request then and this book is all about gratefulness. I am on day 4 writing down what I am grateful for and I realise that there is so much that I have always taken for granted. Now I know I am on my way to change my life around and I really am so excited about making my dreams come true.

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  1. Your dissapointment appeared to be a good reason! Must get this book myself!


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