Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Today marks the end of Ramadhan and it is with sad feelings that I am leaving this month behind. I used this month to reflect what I had achieved spiritually and my relationship with the Creator. I hoped I did make it even though I know I have failed along the way.
Here's a list of what I came up with:
1. I still have to work really, really hard to manage my anger. I failed in this area a couple of times during the 30 day fast. A lot of times it is due to my own frustrations and I unleash it in the form of anger whereby the victims are my husband, my daughter and the cats.
2. I have friends - known and unknown to me, and my family who keep reminding me the importance to control my temper. A lot of times I received them in the form of messages via e-mails or Facebook entry and I believe this is Allah's way of teching me how to manage my anger well. I am so grateful to these people who had helped me one way or another.
3. Love and I am getting them in abundance. That helps me a lot in my times of sadness and despair.
4. I learnt to develop 100% faith in Allah and sometimes I do come to breaking point. But, Allah never forsake me. He never tire of providing me with knowledge for me to read, understand and practice.
5. I find that I am capable of memorising the surah even though it took me a little longer than my daughter. She can memorise 48 lines from one surah in one week but it took me 5 weeks to memorise just 4 lines. Rather slow and agonizing start to my new resolution - to read, memorize, understand and practice the Quran. Well I do read the Quran but never really put my whole being into it. No wonder I never got to be where I want to be in life.
6. I am slowly but surely learning patience and gratitude. I've learnt that by being truly grateful and positive about life and about people, I'm attracting more positivities into my life. A rather late bloomer but it comes to show how much I have taken things for granted and never thanking enough. I have Rhonda Byrnes to thank for, for showing me the steps to the real meaning of gratitude.
These are just but a few of the learning experiences that I really, really went through and I consider them as a valuable refresher. Why, because when work gets in the way, I tend to forget.
I shall miss Ramadhan and I hope I can meet the next Ramadhan with renewed faith. Until then I shall continue practising what I had learnt andmake more progress.
I'd like to wish Muslims all over the world Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri or Eid Mubarrak. Here's a simple greeting I found here and I like this simple but attractive logo. I hope the owner of this blog permits me to use this beaautiful greeting logo. Thank you.


  1. Your dedication to self-evaluation impressive. I wish you all the success in the coming year! Thank you kindly for your recent visit :^)

    1. Thank you Doug. I know I'll be visiting your blog more often as I really want to imrove on my photography.


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