Friday, April 19, 2013

A New Beginning - The Story of your Life

Happy 17th birthday Moussa. It really feels good to complete this album in time for Moussa's birthday and for DD to hand it over to him. DD requested me to create this album as a gift and since I took hundreds of photos during the sports event, I feel it is only fair for Moussa to have a glimpse of his photos. When I pass this album to DD, I told her "I hope Moussa likes this album" and DD just nodded her head. I feel this is an appropriate gift from my girl since they only know one another barely 3 months. Well, I am over the moon when DD mentioned Moussa really love the album. That's all that matters to me.
For this album I used an assortment of papers and embellishments from various manufacturers. I did not use one brand of manufacturer. Following are pages from the album:

For this event, Moussa led his team, UHUD, but I couldn't remember who won. I know I was
busy applauding Khandak because my DD is from this team.

This photo was taken by Jabbar, a staff from ADNI who joined the TKRS camping
trip to Melaka.
This was Moussa's glory, the final track event for the boys. 

Commissioning Ceremony for the TKRS team members. Moussa was awarded the
rank of Lans Korperal

Group photo

This was my first encounter with Moussa who was the Champion for the 9 km run. Soleh came out 3rd
while Ghazi was 4th.

Moussa's short Biodata which I obtained with the help of dd

It's difficult not to put slowers even though this album is for a man. My first attempt at
decorating a Mini Album

The back cover which I decided to leave as is.

I love that little Bird Cage very much and I have had it
for more than 2 years. It's good to be able to put it
to use finally.

This is my first attempt at Mixed Media and this layout really gave me mixed feelings.
I failed to submit it to the SYTYCS challenge because hubby's internet crashed.

For every Adni's sports events, the traditional Battle Cry challenge is a must.
This is to enhance the Team's spirit

I love this photo of Moussa. As for the title, refer to my earlier entry.

Moussa won Silver Medal for this track event.

Moussa showed compassion towards his 'fallen comrade' after the 800m race. Ghazi
was his alternate partner but somehow Ghazi couldn't finish the race. He collapsed after 
the 1st round. This is a rare sight indeed.

Soleh truly gave Moussa an edge in this race.

As a result, Moussa managed to clinch the Bronze Medal



Lili Sulastri


  1. Wow! Such incredible effort; love your perserverance sis. Love those ribbons, embellies and stamp. I'm sure his parents love this album too! Tqsm for the motivation; about time I pick up where I left; now, where is that unfinished mini album for Afza I started last year? hihi.

    1. Go ahead and work on it sis. I never thought I could do it (after internet crashed) but I guess it paid off eventually. I wouldn't dream of hurting Z's feelings. I did it for her and she helped me to perservere. It can be done.


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