Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week #37 - ROAD

The theme for is ROAD.
As we drove through the familiar route last Sunday, March 9, 2014, we were welcomed by rows and rows of beautiful flowers - pink, white and bright pink. We found out later that these flowers were imported from Japan. I am still struggling to find the name of these plant species. Well, despite the hot weather, God has been kind enough to provide us with these beauty.
Ampang Road


  1. Oh wow what a beautiful road that is! Great shot! Aren't the trees Sakura (cherry blossoms)? Hugs

  2. What a pretty tree lined road that is ... I love those blossoms ... Thanks so much for sharing your part of the world with us at Our Beautiful World!

  3. A beautiful road indeed , we have trees like that here in Puerto Rico, I love when they bloom in spring!
    Thanks for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!


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