Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 14 to 22 ~ #100daysselflovejourney

It's been so many days I've been swarmed with busy schedules in both world, at home and office; between my loved ones and juggling ongoing agendas at my work place that I wasn't capable to spare a moment at blog land. The clock never stop tickling but this very minute allow me to spend a moment filling up my blog and share my journey into every day living. 

Let me continue with "Day 14 ~ Quotes"  

I have actually lost track of time as I have been extremely busy at work. I don't know whether I am racing against time or I am racing for time. I am taking a short break from lunch break to go through my hundreds of whatsapp messages and this phrase really caught my attention. Just want share it. This is from one of the senders so I don't really know the origin of this image.

Days 15-18 ~ Packing

This is what is actually making my life topsy turvy right now. Packing the library is no joke and getting manual help at unexpected moment means thousands of gratitude. These are to be sent for offsite storage. Since my life has been endless packing and unpacking, I no longer grieve. I shall miss only material items, not friends.

Day 19 ~ Korean Food

Day 19 - My daughter and I miss Korea, in a way. So, she decided for us to have Korean food at #Sweetree_restaurant. These are starters actually before our orders came our way. We had a really good dinner that night. As always, Kimchi is the child's favourite and between us, there is no competition. The aubergines was mine, but the fried mushrooms and french beans were highly competed between the three of us. 

Day 20 ~ Noodles

I gave myself two treats on Saturday, ie a really good facial and body treatment and Homemade Noodles at #Al_Barakah restaurant, a Chinese Muslim restaurant. The owners are from China and the noodles will only be made upon order. I have heard of this kind of noodles many times before and to be able to enjoy it first-hand is really something else. I took this photo yesterday to show to my sister @asmahzainalabidin because she loves noodles. When she comes to visit me, this is where we are going to take her and her family.

Day 21 ~ Happy Birthday Card

I am right on track now. Today, my friend celebrated his twin daughters' 5th birthday. I didn't have time to buy a card for them so creted this simple card this morning before we left for the party.

Day 22 ~ Mind Makes Words

I was going through one of my boxes of stash for another project when this little card fell of the box. I had collected this card from Kinokuniya a long time ago and forgot about it. I decided to create this CAS layout to see how many words I can create. I wonder if my mind can really makes words dance. 

Having said that, I say adios for now. Till I see you tomorrow.Take care. 


Lili Sulastri

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