Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #11

This young man, Moussa Taki, truly grabbed my attention when he won the 9 km Adni Cross-Country race in January of last year. On that morning, I was waiting with anticipation the former champion at the finishing line. When the runners start to arrive, I saw a different winner through the lens of my camera. I still captured him and the other runners and then I cornered him and asked him a few questions. I learnt he was Algerian and much, much later, I learnt (from Zahra') that he was a newbie in the school, born in Yemen, but had grown-up in Malaysia for 16 years. From that day on until today, he is my and Zahra's good friend.
This photo was taken at Stadium Bukit Jalil during the Main sports event in March and he won so many medals. I like this profile of him where he looks more relaxed and more of himself. This is always my favorite photo of Moussa.
Moussa Taki, Stadium Bukit Jalil


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