Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #13

This photo may not win the Photo of the Year Award but it held a lot of meaning for us, especially for Zahra'. This is her first experience. It also taught us to appreciate water. On this day, May 1, 2013, the residents of my housing area were caught by surprise with dry taps. I just had enough ration for cooking, ablution and nature's call. Washing definitely had to be put on hold.
But then, this tanker came along and every family were rationed to two pails of water only. Better than nothing. My daughter was so excited and carrying two pails in both hands, she joined the neighbours to collect the water. It was fun but the drizzle deterred me from taking better pictures. We were all very lucky though; we were given extra two pails of water to collect after all the neighbours had collected the first ration. There was extra water to go round and save until the next ration - four hours later.
After all the excitement died down, we all discovered the reason behind the dry taps - a burst pipe near the mains. Water was restored late night the next day.

Emergecy water supply when the pipe burst near the main pipe



  1. Lili, these water cuts happen too often and too unexpectedly. I was carrying buckets of water from a tanker just yesterday here in Kuantan. Luckily it didn't ladt for too long this time

  2. I like this, Lili. It's full of human vibrancy. The photo piques my curiosity, and the colorful dress of the people gathered adds an element of composition to what might have looked like a drab view from where you stood. Being from México, I'm all too familiar with water shortage. I'm glad the flow was restored soon.


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