Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 20 Photos of 2013 - #2

This photo was taken during the Japanese Bon Odori Festival at Shah Alam in June 2013. This festival is held every year to mark the end of the Harvesting period. I took my daughter and her friend to observe the festival and as this was their first time attending, they both had so much fun.
In this photo, both of them were trying their best to follow the Kimono-clad ladies dancing one the dances and most times they fall out of step. Using whatever available lighting, I tried to capture the girls' delighting in their attempt. I tried not to use flash a all.
Bon Odori Festival, Shah Alam



  1. They really do look to have fun.
    I think it was very brave to hang on.
    Beautiful girls.
    The picture is lovely
    So much color and joy there is in it.
    The image on the towers of the evening is wonderful.
    Then the last image tomorrow
    Have a real good start to the new week

  2. It is great to shoot an event, especially the expressions of them participating in it. Candid is always the best, flash photography can improve your photos especially in the dark, do consider investing in an external flash and learn to use it on camera and off camera.. All the best in your endeavors Lili..


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